Book One Weekly Practice Chart

Books 2-4 Weekly Practice Chart


Ideas for practice charts/practice in general:

  • Hang up your chart on the wall and make a check after you accomplish each practice goal.
  • Keep your Suzuki book CD or MP3 recording close by at all times. Remember- the audio is available on iTunes Store and Amazon store.
  • Color in your progress in a pattern (e.g. checkerboard, or rainbow).
  • Place a prop (small toys, magnets, magic notes from puppy pack) to mark what you are working on. Move your prop down the chart as you practice.
  • Earn small motivational items for each chunk or day of practice done - it could be beads to make jewelry with, legos to build something, pennies or nickels, m&ms or raisins, minutes to watch a favorite movie/tv show- whatever you find works!
  • Pick out a medium to large candle, and light it during the minutes you practice. Once you're done, blow out the candle immediately. Once you get to the end of the candle, find a way to celebrate! A variation on this idea: fill a glass jar over time with beads, beans, or some other small item. Once the jar is filled, celebrate!
  • Color a picture as you practice (in between activities)
  • Practice theory as part of your practice (or sight reading flashcards)
  • Play a game that has turns (e.g. "War", "slamwich", chess, checkers, etc...). Each time you accomplish something from the chart, you earn a turn!
  • If charts aren't particularly exciting to your child, use the it as parental reference, and structure your practice based on ideas from the chart, without referencing or talking about the practice chart.