Dear Parents,

The below exercises are provided to you as reference for your fourth finger practice. Please do not practice these exercises unless we have gone over them in our lesson. Think of these as cheat sheets for your notes from the lesson - you should be guiding your child in this part of practice, do not have them read the music as they won't be able to focus on their left hand.

Thoughts/Goals for all exercises:

  • Warm up: with the violin up, touch the left pinky to the nose to remind the child of the feeling of the left hand.
  • Check for a relaxed, straight wrist, and 4 round umbrella fingers floating over the strings before you start each exercise. 
  • Frequently tap the left hand thumb to check that it's not squeezing. Hint: It probably will be!
  • Start by plucking.
  • 4th finger should be round, and aim for the inside corner if you can. If it's hard to make it round, your fingers may be too far away from the fingerboard. 
  • 4th finger should sound just like the open string above it (for these exercises as written, that's E string).
  • A finger number with a line next to it e.g. 1----------------------- means to leave that finger down (anchor fingers)
  • Most of these exercises can be repeated on almost any string.

Exercise # 1 - From Barbara Barber, Fingerboard Geography


Exercise #2

Exercise #3


Exercise #4 - from Suzuki Violin School Volume 1

  • work on the first two measures for a few weeks before attempting to play it in its full form!